NH CRNA Spotlight of the Month

Do you know a CRNA who elevates your practice or impacts the patients they serve? How is your practice, your patients, or your world a bit better because of this person’s actions? Have you ever wanted to show your appreciation for someone who deserves special recognition for the work they do everyday to better our profession? With the CRNA Spotlight, you can do just that. Nominate your colleagues, staff, or someone you feel deserves a moment in the “Spotlight” for contributing to our profession. A different CRNA will be featured monthly on the NHANA website and social media.

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NH CRNA Spotlight of the Month

October Spotlight – Thad Perry, MSN, CRNA

Meet Thad Dean Perry, a remarkable CRNA who has made Keene, NH his professional home. Graduating with honors in 2021, Thad has spent over two years immersed in the dynamic world of anesthesia, and his journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. With a heart dedicated to the profession, he proudly calls Cheshire Medical Center his professional haven, where his passion for healthcare comes to life. In this close-knit medical community, he seamlessly collaborates with a diverse array of medical professionals and specialists. Beyond the walls of Cheshire, Thad’s contributions extend to other well-respected institutions, reflecting his unwavering commitment to providing top-notch care. Thad Dean Perry isn’t just a name; he’s the embodiment of dedication, compassion, and expertise in the world of CRNAs.

What his colleagues say about him…

Two years ago, Thad Perry stepped into the CRNA scene as a professional who swiftly made a profound impact. From the outset, Thad embraced the role of an independent practitioner, taking on the responsibility of delivering comprehensive anesthesia services. This willingness to step up was especially notable as he readily shouldered the burden as others left his department.

In the world of healthcare, the value of a solid team player cannot be overstated, and Thad undoubtedly fits this description. His dedication to collaborative efforts has consistently elevated the clinical environment for himself and those around him. For those who have had the privilege of working alongside Thad, you can more than likely attest that the workplace was undeniably enhanced when he took charge.

Thad’s contributions extend beyond mere competence; his qualities as a colleague are truly commendable. His responsiveness in critical moments, unwavering judgment, and a remarkable ability to maintain composure amidst chaos are qualities that we all deeply appreciate. In the fast-paced and often unpredictable world of healthcare, these attributes are like a beacon of reliability.

8 Quick Question to Get to Know you Better…

1) Top 3 hobbies/interests outside of work?

  1. Hiking with my dogs
  2. Paddle boarding
  3. Traveling

2) Favorite thing to do in NH?

I like the accommodations of bigger cities, so I enjoy going to Manchester and of course, Portsmouth.

3) Mountains or Seacoast?

Definitely seacoast. I grew up on the gulf coast of Mississippi and was on the water every day during the summer. I love it!

4) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I am still trying to answer this question myself. There are so many places and countries I need to travel and explore. I would like to be somewhere with access to the ocean.

5) Hardest anesthesia concept in school to figure out?

I didn’t struggle with any concept in particular. I think the rigorous and demanding schedule during anesthesia school was hard enough. It was worth it though.

6) Pedi or Adults?

Adults, but I like doing both!

7) CRNA you look up too? WHY?

Chris Stake. I think he’s 6’1 and he was a CRNA in the military. Thank you for your service, Chris.

8) Top 3 bucket lists items?

  1. Travel the world
  2. Learn to fly
  3. Achieve financial freedom