NH CRNA Spotlight of the Month

Do you know a CRNA who elevates your practice or impacts the patients they serve? How is your practice, your patients, or your world a bit better because of this person’s actions? Have you ever wanted to show your appreciation for someone who deserves special recognition for the work they do everyday to better our profession? With the CRNA Spotlight, you can do just that. Nominate your colleagues, staff, or someone you feel deserves a moment in the “Spotlight” for contributing to our profession. A different CRNA will be featured monthly on the NHANA website and social media.

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NH CRNA Spotlight of the Month

February Spotlight – Daniel Rice DNP, CRNA

Dan was introduced to healthcare during his first tour in Iraq where he was assigned to his Fireteams Combat Lifesaver position and received additional training in battlefield emergency medical treatment. After the military Dan wanted to be a physician assistant but the GI bill denied him that path because it was not an entry level degree. He instead attended Auburn University to earn his Bachelor’s in Nursing with the intention of going through their nurse practitioner program after completing his BSN. However, during his senior year working at the VA hospital as a work study student; Dan received information about the United States Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing (USAGPAN) from Kim Urquehart RN whom he was assigned to. USAGPAN became his new goal and he set himself up to achieve all the prerequisites in short order. Dan was accepted as one of just four VA students from across the country into the 2016 program. After completing the fantastic USAGPAN program, Dan worked his first job as locum in Pennsylvania while waiting to start his full-time career at the Togus VA Medical Center in Augusta, Maine.

While in Maine, Dan served as the Reimbursement Specialist for the Maine Association of Nurse Anesthetists (MEANA) and was chosen as the President-Elect of MEANA which would later not be fulfilled when he moved to New Hampshire. He now serves as the NHANA Reimbursement Specialist. Dan also served as adjunct faculty at the University of New England focusing on pain pathways and Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia. Understanding anesthesia billing practice and the business of anesthesia can be difficult concepts or hurdles for many. Dan took to this early in his career, honing his knowledge about the business side of anesthesia practice. During his time at the Togus VA Medical Center, Dan laid the groundwork for New England Vascular Access and Collaborative Anesthesia Partners, businesses he started in 2017. Both companies have been featured in various magazines including Mainebiz and New Hampshire Business Review. New England Vascular Access now services nearly 200 facilities across 4 states providing vascular access and infusion services. Collaborative Anesthesia Partners (CAP) provides a full line of anesthesia services for hospital and office-based settings including staffing, revenue cycle management, consulting, training and education in several states across the country. Dan worked for seven months without getting reimbursed as he navigated the anesthesia billing process. He now employs several Nurse Anesthesiologists who provide a wide range of services for CAP throughout New England and South Dakota, all practicing to the full scope of their training.

Dan is a highly sought-after consultant for many Nurse Anesthesiologists starting out on their paths to independent contracting or fledgling business owners. Dan works to provide CRNAs across the state with the needed skills and knowledge to be full practice providers. From regional workshops, to lecturing on business practice, he keeps himself busy all while still providing anesthesia at various clinical sites. Dan is currently fulfilling his passion and will be finishing up the University of South Florida’s Interventional Pain Fellowship with plans to graduate this August on his 5th anniversary as a CRNA. He is focused on establishing a new pain service starting this February at Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro, NH and continuing to promote CRNA’s working at their full scope of practice.

What His Colleagues Say About Him…

Dan Rice in an exceptional CRNA, businessperson and human being. He is the epitome of work-ethic and selfless service to others. Not only has he served his country in the Army as a soldier, but Dan is a champion for CRNAs in New Hampshire and beyond. Working tirelessly to lift up others in the profession to their highest potential. After Dan separated from the service, he earned high esteem as a nurse and was among the select few civilians enrolled in the Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing. This program gave him the education and experience that he so willingly shares with others. He has been known to provide regional training to University of New England SRNAs as well as New Hampshire CRNAs around the state seeking full scope of practice at their facilities. Often times charging nothing for the workshops and only requesting attendees to make a PAC contribution in order to attend. Dan’s ability to educate is effortlessly compassionate, often times throwing out invaluable pearls during pleasant conversation, making you feel like you’re in on an awesome secret rather than making you feel inadequate.

In addition to his thriving vascular access company, Dan is currently completing the Advanced Pain Management Fellowship for CRNAs to better provide this much needed aspect of care to residents of Northern NH with limited access. This is the type of person we are lucky to have in our organization. Dan is there when the work needs to be done, when a colleague needs assistance, when the PAC needs support. He is there, working in the background, not seeking the recognition he so deserves. If you’re in need of a little motivation or guidance on what path to choose; a quick chat with Dan bares the fruit of clarity, direction, and reinvigorated enthusiasm for our great profession. For this and so many more reasons, Dan Rice DNP, CRNA embodies and deserves recognition as a NHANA Spotlight.

Getting to Know You…

1. Top 3 hobbies/interests outside of work?
Aviation I am an avid aviator who enjoys flying for both work and recreation. Currently I am certified as a private pilot and instrument rated. One of my favorite recreational aspects of flying is back country and short takeoff and landing (STOL) flying.

Scuba Diving – I am a certified master diver and enjoy both fresh and saltwater scuba diving. I especially enjoy wreck diving and spearfishing. I hope to find time in the near future to begin technical scuba training which uses multiple gases allowing for depths of nearly 400ft.

Fishing – I enjoy fresh and saltwater fishing. Freshwater fishing is what I grew up on, but saltwater adds to the excitement because there are so many more species and surprises. Favorite freshwater fish? Walleye. Favorite Saltwater fish? Red fish.

2. Favorite thing to do in NH?
Ice Fishing

3. Mountains or Seacoast?

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands

5. Hardest anesthesia concept in school to figure out?
Wiggers Diagram

6. Pedi or Adults?
I love both

7. CRNA you look up too? WHY?
Tom Albee. When I arrived at the Togus VA Medical Center in 2016 Tom Albee CRNA was a colleague who asserted himself day in and day out regardless of the environment around him. I was immediately impressed with how well he handled adversity and his ability to quickly refocus and accomplish anything. Tom is a motivator who leads by example and he told me when I arrived “You’re the new guy here and this is another opportunity to reinvent yourself. You can be whoever you want to be but choose wisely”. Tom’s example has helped me get back up time and time again when facing adversity throughout my career.

8. Top 3 bucket lists items?
Scuba Diving Truk Lagoon
Fly fishing in Alaska
Landing in Telluride Colorado

One piece of advice you’d like to impart to future CRNA’s?

We are all just one professional injustice away from needing our state and federal associations. Get involved in promoting your profession often and early however best fits you.


Daniel Rice