NH CRNA Spotlight of the Month

Do you know a CRNA who elevates your practice or impacts the patients they serve? How is your practice, your patients, or your world a bit better because of this person’s actions? Have you ever wanted to show your appreciation for someone who deserves special recognition for the work they do everyday to better our profession? With the CRNA Spotlight, you can do just that. Nominate your colleagues, staff, or someone you feel deserves a moment in the “Spotlight” for contributing to our profession. A different CRNA will be featured monthly on the NHANA website and social media.

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NH CRNA Spotlight of the Month

March Spotlight – Elias Karter, RN

A first-year student at Northeastern University, Elias Karter balances the demands of academia with the joys of family life. Married with a young son, Bodhi, who recently celebrated his first birthday on February 6th, Elias cherishes time spent with loved ones and exploring the vibrant community of Manchester alongside his wife, son, and their dog, Bruin.

Driven by a decade-long career as a registered nurse, including enriching travel experiences in Austin and Tacoma, Elias is passionate about furthering their education and making a meaningful contribution to the field of anesthesiology. Combining their academic knowledge, diverse clinical experience, and dedication to community service, Elias is excited to shape a future marked by excellence and impactful contributions to the healthcare field.

Why did you join the NHANA Board of Directors?

I joined the NHANA Board of Directors as a Student Representative thanks to the mentorship of Rae Ritter, a local CRNA and fellow board member. Rae’s guidance and support played a crucial role in my decision to pursue this career path. Specifically, her support during my school application process and her ongoing encouragement have fostered within me a deep passion for my future career!

8 Quick Question to Get to Know you Better…

1. Top 3 hobbies/interests outside of work?
Hiking, piano, golf

2. Favorite thing to do in NH?
Going to my parent’s lake house in Harrisville, NH and just hanging out with the family.

3. Mountains or Seacoast?
Definitely a mountain guy. My wife and I try to make it to Albany, NH at least once a year.

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I went to San Diego a couple of years ago and really fell in love. Would love to go back!

5. Hardest anesthesia concept in school to figure out?

6. Pedi or Adults?
Preference so far is adults, but that is just due to lack of experience!

7. CRNA you look up too? WHY?
Kelly Gallant

8. Top 3 bucket lists items?

  • Shoot under par in golf
  • Finish CRNA school
  • Put solar panels on my house