NH CRNA Spotlight of the Month

Do you know a CRNA who elevates your practice or impacts the patients they serve? How is your practice, your patients, or your world a bit better because of this person’s actions? Have you ever wanted to show your appreciation for someone who deserves special recognition for the work they do everyday to better our profession? With the CRNA Spotlight, you can do just that. Nominate your colleagues, staff, or someone you feel deserves a moment in the “Spotlight” for contributing to our profession. A different CRNA will be featured monthly on the NHANA website and social media. Click here to complete a nomination form.

NH CRNA Spotlight of the Month

May Spotlight – David Carter Glenn MS, CRNA

Please allow me to introduce myself and highlight my path to where I am today. Personally, my wife and I live in Enfield, NH. We have three amazing children 26, 24, and 19 and are very proud of each of them!

Professionally, my interest in nursing began in my late teens and 20’s while taking care of my mother who had MS. As I grew older it seemed to be a natural fit. My nursing path began in 1994 when I graduated with an Associate Degree in Nursing from Clinton Community College in Plattsburgh, NY. During this program was my first exposure to a CRNA which ignited my interest in this profession. 1994 was a time when it was incredibly difficult to get a nursing job. As a result, my wife and I moved west, to Colorado, where I worked as an OR RN at St. Mary Corwin Hospital in Pueblo, CO. After a few years we moved back east where I worked as an OR RN at both UVM and DHMC.

Through that period, I completed my BSN with the University of Phoenix. In 2005, after 11 years as an OR RN, I transitioned to becoming an ICU RN at DHMC. My progression to becoming a CRNA was a slow one but I enjoyed every steppingstone it took to get where I am today. In 2009 I began my journey into anesthesia at the University of New England and graduated in 2011. I began my CRNA career at DHMC in January of 2012 as well as becoming a CRNA in the US Navy Reserves. Both of these positions afforded me great experiences and opportunities. DHMC is a great place to work as a CRNA due to the high acuity case mix, work environment and working relationships. In the Navy I have been lucky enough to work independently at Naval Hospitals in Italy, Florida, Maryland and California. This peaked my interest in independent practice which led me to work as a CRNA at New London Hospital in New London, NH from 2017-2019. This practice was rewarding for me in many ways.

My path then took a turn toward leadership and career advancement. I applied for and accepted a position as the Chief CRNA at DHMC. My vision was/is to foster a sense of fellowship, work life balance, and sense of ownership among our CRNA group and department. I have had quite a journey in my life and as mentioned, have enjoyed every step of the way! What my future holds is uncertain. One thing is for sure, I look forward to many more years of providing anesthesia as a CRNA, a job that I love and cherish.  When not at work our time is occupied mostly by being outdoors and spending as much time as possible with our three children!

What His Colleagues Say About Him….

Dave is confident, capable, and competent. His kind disposition, sunny smile, and relaxed, calm demeanor make him a pleasure to work with. He is always willing to lend a hand to his colleagues or go the extra mile for his patients. He has experience working in many roles, including serving in the United States military and in his position as Chief CRNA and Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. He is welcoming, transparent, and humble. His door is always open, and he infuses the space around him with a positive energy. It is a pleasure to know and work with Dave, an accomplished CRNA.

Getting to Know You Better…

1. Top 3 hobbies/interests outside of work?
-Working on my property
-Enjoying nature
-Spending time with our children.

2. Favorite thing to do in NH?
Paddle-boarding on the many lakes.

3. Mountains or Seacoast?

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Water and sunshine!

5. Hardest anesthesia concept in school to figure out?

6. Pedi or Adults?

7. CRNA you look up too? WHY?
Kate Hodge, CRNA. She was my primary preceptor when in school and is an amazing CRNA and person!

8. Top 3 bucket lists items?
-Spend time with family and friends

One piece of advice you’d like to impart to future CRNA’s?

Miller and ISO…haha, Love being a CRNA and love your time away!

David Carter Glenn MS, CRNA