New Hampshire Anesthesia Practice Models

The practice of anesthesia has been a recognized nursing specialty for more than 100 years. State laws, rules and regulations, and court opinions recognize that healthcare professionals share overlapping areas and activities. Anesthesia is the practice of nursing when performed by nurse anesthetists and the practice of medicine when performed by physicians. There is no defining line between the professions. Therefore, anesthesia is not the exclusive practice of nursing or medicine, but falls within the scope of practice of both professions
The State of New Hampshire offers a variety of practice models, each unique, and each offering various professional practices for Nurse Anesthesiologists. Whether you are looking to start your own office based practice, work independently in a critical access hospital, work in a medical directed level one trauma center, or provide chronic pain management services, New Hampshire is the state for you.

Independent Practice
Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in the State of New Hampshire, which includes Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, have been permitted to practice independently of physician supervision since 1991. On June 11, 2002 New Hampshire’s former Governor Jeanne Shaheen formally requested an exemption for the State of New Hampshire from the regulation requiring hospitals and ambulatory surgical care facilities to have physicians supervise Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists in order to receive federal Medicare reimbursement for anesthesiology services. As fully independent licensed Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, New Hampshire Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists work to the full extent of their licensure and professional training.

Other Anesthesia Practice Models in New Hampshire include:

Medical Supervision & Medical Direction

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