NH CRNA Spotlight of the Month

Do you know a CRNA who elevates your practice or impacts the patients they serve? How is your practice, your patients, or your world a bit better because of this person’s actions? Have you ever wanted to show your appreciation for someone who deserves special recognition for the work they do everyday to better our profession? With the CRNA Spotlight, you can do just that. Nominate your colleagues, staff, or someone you feel deserves a moment in the “Spotlight” for contributing to our profession. A different CRNA will be featured monthly on the NHANA website and social media.

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NH CRNA Spotlight of the Month

September Spotlight – Luc G. Corriveau DNP, APRN, CRNA

Dr. Luc G. Corriveau is a CRNA currently employed as the Chief Nurse Anesthetist at Androscoggin Valley Hospital, a critical access hospital in northern New Hampshire.  In addition to practicing full time, Dr. Corriveau teaches pharmacology, and is the outgoing Vice President of the New Hampshire Association of Nurse Anesthetists.  Dr. Corriveau got his start in healthcare through the Boy Scouts of America Explorer program, volunteering with Gorham Emergency Medical Services. Continuing to learn, Dr. Corriveau eventually became an Emergency Medical Technician, and was first introduced to the anesthesia specialty during clinical time as an EMT student.  It was during one of these clinical rotations that a physician anesthesiologist encouraged Dr. Corriveau to pursue anesthesiology believing that he would find the work rewarding.  From this point forward, becoming an anesthesia provider became his goal.

Coming from a nursing family, Dr. Corriveau was encouraged by his parents to pursue the nursing profession, and after high school he obtained his Associate’s degree in nursing from White Mountains Community College, and his Bachelor’s degree in nursing from Franklin Pierce University.  Working first in the Operating Room, and then the Intensive Care Unit, Dr. Corriveau was mentored and encouraged to peruse nurse anesthesiology by Steven Ball, Vincent Garcia, Frank Valenti, and Greg Aprilliano.  Dr. Corriveau obtained his Master’s degree in nurse anesthesia from the University of New England and completed his Doctorate from Chatham University.

Being passionate about acute pain management, Dr. Corriveau’s doctoral capstone focused on implementing and evaluating evidence-based practice methods which increase knowledge and utilization of multimodal analgesia techniques by anesthesia professionals in various clinical practices and specialties.  Dr. Corriveau has continued his work surrounding multimodal analgesia, and continues to provide interdisciplinary education surrounding multimodal analgesia, perioperative pain management, regional anesthesia, and narcotic free anesthesia.  In addition to full time work and teaching, Dr. Corriveau enjoys skiing, hunting, good food, his wife, and new dog.

What His Colleagues Say About Him…

Luc cares about his colleagues on not only a professional level, but a personal one.  He is understanding, patient, and always available for whatever his staff needs.  Whether it is practice, scheduling, or personal related, Luc’s abilities to connect on a basic human level shine through.  He is at his core a genuinely decent human being, and this has helped transition the team through some challenging times.  From his ability to sit at the table with administration and relay complex practice issues, welcoming new providers into the team, or teaching our profession’s future in the classroom, Luc exudes a commitment to caring that is unmatched in the “Chief” role.  To work with Luc and witness this is an honest pleasure. His attitude is infectious and creates a group of caring, passionate CRNAs who provide outstanding care to their community.  The group has a reputation within the hospital and the patients they serve for safe, respectful, full service anesthesia that is highly valued.  Luc’s confidence in regional anesthesia and ability to educate others on it has propelled the group into the forefront of Opioid Free Anesthesia.  Learning from some of the top regional anesthesia CRNA’s in the state during his training, Luc has made it his mission to pass along these skills to his team, cultivating a highly proficient group of providers.

His passion for professional advocacy leads you to asking yourself “what more can I do” or contemplating enrolling in a DNP program after chatting with him.  Luc has served on the NHANA Board of Directors, including a term as Vice President. His contributions to crucial conversations have been invaluable.  Luc brings a level-headed, realistic approach to leadership that makes him an effective conduit for improvement and change.   Luc is an excellent example of what heartfelt leadership and a zest for professional advocacy can accomplish and that is why he would be a great showcase for CRNA of the month.

8 Quick Questions To Get To Know You Better

1. Top 3 hobbies/interests outside of work?

  1. Skiing
  2. Hunting
  3. Finding new and exciting restaurants
  1.   Favorite thing to do in NH?

Explore the white mountains during fall foliage.  I have yet to find anything as beautiful as the mountains covered in falls colors.

  1.   Mountains or Seacoast?

Mountains, although I love to travel to the ocean living in the mountains will always feel like home.

  1.   If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Northern New Hampshire, I left and nothing ever really felt like home until I moved back.

  1.   Hardest anesthesia concept in school to figure out?

MAC, I think my study group would describe a meltdown as I was trying to wrap my head around this comment.

  1.   Pedi or Adults?

Both, I would be bored if I couldn’t take care of both.  Truth be told I hated pediatrics when I first started training.  Fortunately two of my preceptors were on the pediatric team so I was forced to take care of my first premie 3 month into clinical training.  Since being thrown into pediatrics I have learned to love those challenging little people.

  1.   CRNA you look up too? WHY?

Its hard to pick one CRNA that I look up to, but if I picked one it would be Steven Ball.  Steve is an amazing independent practice CRNA who encouraged me along my professional journey to become a CRNA.  I feel so lucky to call him a colleague, mentor and friend.

  1.   Top 3 bucket lists items?

Pilots License

African Safari

Visit Thailand

One piece of advice you’d like to impart to future CRNA’s… 

Get involved, you will meet so many amazing people and have some fun along the way.

Luc G. Corriveau DNP, APRN, CRNA